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PUBLIC PRESENTATION  This article will help you learn the 6 steps in making a great presentation.All the steps mentioned are equally weighed for reaching the status of a great orator.The article can be named in a better manner as "Be a fabulous orator" Public speaking is something wHich terrifies millions of people around the globe. But it is very simple task if certain factors are kept in mind and practiced.As Rome has not built in one day regular practice of the following steps can make a normal speaker to great public speaker. Acknowledging Fear  Acknowledging Fear of anything is the first step to overcome fear.If you have fear of public speaking , you must have to acknowledge the fear.Remember courageous speakers if the world are not the one who lacks glossophobia but are those who overcame glossophobia. When we acknowledge fear of public speaking , we start ourselves to overcome it.It is a natural capacity of a human being to overcome the limits