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How to set a magnetic goal  A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. For unleashing the full potential of a human being, he must have some clear specific written goals. If you feel your life boring, you have to tie your life with a goal. A concrete goal is something which will not let you sleep and kick you out of bed. All the human beings have different skills and talents, so as the goals are.    This article will help you to set a magnetic goal which could attract great success the area you wish to. 1.       Think and set a goal You have to think about the achievement or success you want to achieve During this tep the common tendency is to doubt on whether I can achieve or not ? . There is no need for such a confusion but just think freely and decide. Take enough time to think about that. Since if you can think it, you can make it. 2.       Write the goal You may have great memory, but you have to write down the goal which you have to achieve.


How to make yourself a brand  Branding became a very important way for competing in the current market. All the entrepreneurs were trying to make their products a brand in the previous decades. Now since many self- entrepreneurship started , each professional is trying to make himself a brand. It is very vital for a professional to brand their core values and competencies to achieve success in their respective domain areas. This article will help you to make yourself a better brand. 1. Make a Brand Image  In this step one should be ale to make a brand look / image to him selves. This brand image can be made through a one line note. This must be used in all the spectrum of operation to identify his brand existence. The term used and the look adopted must be same. It is not good to change the look intermittently which will make the people looking at the brand in a confusion. The brand look is important to make people remember our personal brand in their minds. In management t


HOW TO THINK POSITIVELY                                We all know that positive thinking is one of the inevitable element for achieving success. We all wish to become positive thinkers. A positive thinker can change the world around him in an easy manner, while a negative thinker do vice versa. Positive thinking is not just a habit, but a way of life. A person who wish to think positively must believe in this sentence “Everything happens for a reason, everything happens for good” This article will help you to improve your capacity to think positively.   1.     Power of words Practice using positive words in life, this will help you to reflect your thought process in a positive manner. A positive word with a positive emotion can make any changes in the world. Replacing negative words with positive words will help you to train yourself to think positively. You can create a habit of using positive words which could convey an optimistic feeling. 2.      Surround with


STEPS TO OVERCOME INFERIORITY COMPLEX  No one can make you inferior without your consent. Inferiority complex is something which curtails a person from becoming open to knowledge acquisition and development. It is a great threat to persons development in 360 degree angle. The complex will hinders a person from attaining his full growth. This article will help with some strategies to overcome inferiority complex.  1. Positive affirmation Positive affirmations seems to be the first strategy to adopt against inferiority complex. A person wit inferiority complex seems to use words like "I cant", I am not able to , If i had an opportunity , I am a no-use person , I am not supposed to , i doubt i could etc. This statements will indirectly makes your mind to believe yourself as an inferior person. The replacement of such usages with positive affirmations seems to be a better strategy against inferiority complex. use the words like I can do , I am able to do , i will


HOW TO OVERCOME SOCIAL-PHOBIA  Social phobia means the fear of society , fear of crowd , fear of gathering. Many people suffer the problem of social phobia. Even though they have great skills , they couldn't exhibit it due to social phobia. This article will help you to understand and practice steps to overcome and manage social phobia. 1. Acknowledging and setting goal The first step to overcome social phobia is to acknowledge that you have social phobia. We cant overcome something which we are not acknowledging.After acknowledging the same , one should set a goal to overcome social phobia. A clear Goal to overcome the challenge in a time frame must be set. 2. Visualizing yourself  Everything in the world happens twice. First they happen in your mind and then in the real world. Hence you have to visualize yourself as a person who overcame social phobia. The courageous persons are not those who don't have fear , but those who overcame fear. So visualize yourse