How to set a magnetic goal 

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. For unleashing the full potential of a human being, he must have some clear specific written goals. If you feel your life boring, you have to tie your life with a goal. A concrete goal is something which will not let you sleep and kick you out of bed. All the human beings have different skills and talents, so as the goals are.  This article will help you to set a magnetic goal which could attract great success the area you wish to.

1.     Think and set a goal
You have to think about the achievement or success you want to achieve During this tep the common tendency is to doubt on whether I can achieve or not ? . There is no need for such a confusion but just think freely and decide. Take enough time to think about that. Since if you can think it, you can make it.

2.     Write the goal
You may have great memory, but you have to write down the goal which you have to achieve. Writing the goal down to a paper is inevitable.

3.     Write 100 requirements and skills
Write 100 skills and requirements you have to make to reach your goal. This is like listing down all the requirement for building a building.

4.     Make a list of 10 priorities
Make a list of 10 from the listed 100 requirements and start working on the same. The listing 10 must be the most important and needed requirements which could make the way easy. This 10 comes under high impact activities which you have to do to reach your goal.
5.     Make an action plan
Make an action plan to achieve the same by looking upon the 5W 1H rule. This is by asking the questions to oneself What, When, Why, Where, Who and How .These self-questions on the requirements will clearly give you an idea to make a great action plan
6.     Believe in Everyday concept
The concept is very simple, the aggregate of the works done in different days together could create a great result. So plan everyday activity to create each requirements for achieving goal.

Do from now 
1.     Purchase a Pocket book and write 10 things to achieve in it
2.     Look and read with an achievement attitude everyday
3.     Try to grab each opportunities which could enable us to meet building bricks
4.     Create an attitude of focusing with a goal ie always keep the goal while doing all activities
5.     Watch the video and audio on Goal setting 


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