How to make yourself a brand 

Branding became a very important way for competing in the current market. All the entrepreneurs were trying to make their products a brand in the previous decades. Now since many self- entrepreneurship started , each professional is trying to make himself a brand. It is very vital for a professional to brand their core values and competencies to achieve success in their respective domain areas. This article will help you to make yourself a better brand.

1. Make a Brand Image 
In this step one should be ale to make a brand look / image to him selves. This brand image can be made through a one line note. This must be used in all the spectrum of operation to identify his brand existence. The term used and the look adopted must be same. It is not good to change the look intermittently which will make the people looking at the brand in a confusion. The brand look is important to make people remember our personal brand in their minds. In management terms a unique value proposition must be there in the term used for branding 

2. Keeping a circle of Brand lovers 
Keeping the brand lovers of your brand along with you is a simple but important step. There will be many people coming up as your brand lovers in your professional journey. Keeping them with you while building the brand is very vital. They could influence the major decisions you are taking to channelize in the angle of your stakeholders.
3. Attach and keep attaching 
Keeping emotional attachment with your connections/ networks will help in the growth of your brand. The different connections which comes loving your brand must be maintained. It is more important to maintain your brand lovers than making your brand lovers. The people who knows and likes your brand must become your flagships , for that you have to keep on maintaining your brand circle. For that you have to keep working on bettering the professional services you provide to them.

4. Start thinking yourself as a brand 
As self- image is the powerful tool which everyone can make , you have to see yourself as a brand. you have to look yourself as a third person and think on the areas of improvement to make the brand much more better. you have to see the positives and negatives of our brand. Thinking yourself as a great brand will help your mind to think on new arenas and opportunities to make yourself a great brand. 

5. Social Branding 
The current era demands the presence of your brand in online social medias. You must start a website , Facebook page , twitter account , LinkedIn account , Instagram updates etc. You have to make intentional efforts to make your presence in all the social platforms as possible. This must be properly updated with updates and replies for keeping the stakeholders with you. 

Practical Actions 
1. Talk about your brand to 5 people individually everyday  
2. Ensure presence in at-least 5 social media platforms a day 
3. Keep telling yourself as a great brand 
4. Have a meeting with your brand lovers 
5. Watch the video on Win - Win attitude to build a brand 


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