No one can make you inferior without your consent. Inferiority complex is something which curtails a person from becoming open to knowledge acquisition and development. It is a great threat to persons development in 360 degree angle. The complex will hinders a person from attaining his full growth. This article will help with some strategies to overcome inferiority complex. 

1. Positive affirmation
Positive affirmations seems to be the first strategy to adopt against inferiority complex. A person wit inferiority complex seems to use words like "I cant", I am not able to , If i had an opportunity , I am a no-use person , I am not supposed to , i doubt i could etc. This statements will indirectly makes your mind to believe yourself as an inferior person. The replacement of such usages with positive affirmations seems to be a better strategy against inferiority complex. use the words like I can do , I am able to do , i will do it , I am having capacity to do it , i will dare , I could do it etc. When you use these words again and again in an affirming manner . You can change your belief system and it will help to increase your confidence and thus help in overcoming inferiority complex. 

2. Believe in Yourselves 
Believe in your strengths and qualities. Every human being in the world has some unique skills and qualities , you too have such unique skills and qualities . understanding such qualities and skills will in turn help you to improve your morale. If you feel inferior, take a  pen and paper and list 25 qualities you possess. Don't think  about great things , but think about small qualities you possess. Understand that such small qualities identified could be developed into great qualities through understanding and practicing upon such qualities. 

3. Self - Awareness 
Keep a booklet with you , try to find out the situations in the daily life which make you feel inferior. Whether it is at home , or at office , or in public gathering. Understanding your own emotional feelings could help you in a better manner to manage inferiority complex. Sit and think about the various situations which makes you feel inferior. Think about the reasons why you feel inferior in such situations. After finding the situations, you may intentionally plan to learn the skills which could make you feel equal in such situations. Such a knowledge acquisition can makes you feel equal in such situations. By covering different situations which feels you inferior by acquiring knowledge in such matters , will serve you power to overcome inferiority complex.In simple words find the root reason for your feeling and fix it by wisdom. 

4. Be yourself 
Dream about becoming a better version of yourself than thinking on becoming some other person. comparing yourselves with some other person is the greatest sin you can do against yourselves. So stop making comparisons with other person and work for becoming a better self. This will help you to shift wrong focus to right direction The former thought process will deteriorate your energy to learn more , working on your qualities and developing yourselves .The latter will help you to identify , enrich and make your qualities in a unique manner. So stop comparing with other persons and start enriching your skills.  

5.Find the unseen qualities 
You may have so many qualities those you never seen. These qualities are known to your friends and relatives. By sitting with such well wishers and taking a list of your qualities which they see in you , will help. Taking such a list of good qualities will help you to realize that you are a person with many qualities and skills. It willl definitely help you to get not only a list of your good qualities , but serve your mind to get a better feeling about yourselves. This will in turn help to reduce your inferiority complex. 

Srtategies to practice 
1. List the situations which amke you feel bad and take remedial measures 
2. Make a list of your qualities from your friend / relative 
3. Believe in yourself - say that "I am a champion" in front of mirror whenever you feel inferior 
4. List the negative words you use and replace with positive affirmations. 
5. Watch this video seen below


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