Social phobia means the fear of society , fear of crowd , fear of gathering. Many people suffer the problem of social phobia. Even though they have great skills , they couldn't exhibit it due to social phobia. This article will help you to understand and practice steps to overcome and manage social phobia.

1. Acknowledging and setting goal
The first step to overcome social phobia is to acknowledge that you have social phobia. We cant overcome something which we are not acknowledging.After acknowledging the same , one should set a goal to overcome social phobia. A clear Goal to overcome the challenge in a time frame must be set.

2. Visualizing yourself 
Everything in the world happens twice. First they happen in your mind and then in the real world. Hence you have to visualize yourself as a person who overcame social phobia. The courageous persons are not those who don't have fear , but those who overcame fear. So visualize yourself as a person with strong personality , initially it is difficult to visualize , but by keeping on practicing , it will become easy for you to visualize. 

3. Small progress is still progress

After visualizing the same , you have to take some baby steps to overcome the same. You can plan a coffee with your friend , go for a tour , going to library , going to a park , going and sitting in railway station etc. keep doing this small steps.Plan it and make list of 25 baby steps you can take and achieve it . 

4. Self- Appreciation 
This is a continuity step of step number 3. You have to reward yourself after achieving each steps you listed. This will help you to improve your morale. Self-worth is the emotion which is powerful than social phobia. By improving self-worth through self-appreciation , you will feel much more better. In due course you can feel the difference. 

5. Push yourself- 3 second rule 
For practicing this you have to list different occasion which makes you anxious and fearful. Keep the ,list along with you and plan to overcome each of such anxieties / fears one by one. You will feel proud when you overcome each of them. If your mind makes you confused to perform the act, use the 3 second rule. The rule is that , when you are going to do something your mind gives an inner talk on - whether to do it or not. Then you have to count 1 , 2 and 3 and perform the same within 3 seconds. Self-push seems to be the best technique for overcoming social phobia 

6 . Feel yourself as a part of the team 
Social phobia is commonly seen among people who seems to be lonely walkers in life. So it would be nice if you could see the people around you as friends. for that you can seek the help of a close friend or close family member. Seeking help from your friends also helps you to overcome social phobia 

Practical Tasks

1. Find 3 friends to support you to overcome social phobia 
2. List out the situations which makes you anxious / phoobiac
3. Set a list of self- rewards for achieving each tasks
4.Email your achievements each time to me @ inspiremenk@gmail,com 
5. Watch the below thought-provoking video 


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