We all know that positive thinking is one of the inevitable element for achieving success. We all wish to become positive thinkers. A positive thinker can change the world around him in an easy manner, while a negative thinker do vice versa. Positive thinking is not just a habit, but a way of life. A person who wish to think positively must believe in this sentence “Everything happens for a reason, everything happens for good” This article will help you to improve your capacity to think positively.  

1.   Power of words
Practice using positive words in life, this will help you to reflect your thought process in a positive manner. A positive word with a positive emotion can make any changes in the world. Replacing negative words with positive words will help you to train yourself to think positively. You can create a habit of using positive words which could convey an optimistic feeling.
2.    Surround with positive people
Even though we face lot of negative thinking people around us, it is important to surround ourselves with positive people. The vibe of positive people will help you not only to become positive, but helps you to start the habit of positive thinking even in all situations. In Sanskrit it is mentioned as “Satsanga”- association with right people. If you can create an positive circle of people around your, this will helps you to put lot of seeds of positive thinking in yourself.
3.    Differentiating positive and negative
We know the power of choice in life. All the events in life is the result of the choices we made. So identifying positives and negatives is inevitable to take right choices. Identifying the positive and negative places, people, occasions,
4.    Success Belief
You have to believe, deep from the heart that you will succeed. This belief can help a person to create a positive attitude towards the surroundings. All the great men succeeded in life has a belief that one day he will succeed. It is said that you have to visualise the success you want achieve to achieve it.  This belief will help o emit a positive vibe around.
5.    Remaining calm and positive
This is a very vital thing. We should let things happen and relax. Certain process require time and the result will come only after the process. A man who wishes to think positive must remain cool and relaxed and let the process happen. Negative people spend their time and energy on thinking negative while the process is happening.

11. Repeat the sentence “ everything happens for a reason , everything happens for good “
  2.  Find some positive associations
  3. Make a list of negative and positive activities you are currently doing
  4.Say “ I am a successful man” 21 times at a stretch
  5. Watch the below video  


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